Spirit and Nature – the movement of wind

LinkIcon●Volcano Art Center

A performance/ Art Collaboration
February 2013 at ids pace
●Exhibition/ Performance

Painting by Sususmu Sakaguchi

Photographic projections by Janne Watson

Paper sculpture installation by Tsuneo Taniuchi
●performances Shizuno Nasu
01 Saturday February 2. Rhiannon Junji Ishida
02 Friday February 8. Rhiannon Junji Ishida

03 Saturday February 9. Rhiannon Junji Ishida

04 Friday February 15. Chikara Miura

05 Saturday February 16. Chikara Miura.

 Jenn Eng

06 Friday February 22. Chikara Miura

 Jenn Eng Yumiko Inoue

07 Saturday February 23. Chikara Miura

 Jenn Eng Lucy Braham Yumiko Inoue
●Experimental percussionist
Chikara Miura playing on Stones from Korea
●MIDI with computer violinist
Junji Ishida
●Renowned vocal improvisor
●Paper sculpture installation by
Tsuneo Taniuchi
●Painting by
Susumu Sakaguchi
●Photographic projection by
Janne Watson
●Performance artist
Shizuno Nasu
●Sizuno Nasu Dance Institute,
Jenn Eng, Lucy Braham from Hawaii and
Yumiko Inoue from Japan
●Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann
PERFORMANCES:Every week in February, Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm,$20, please purchase tickets in advance at (808)982-8891